Warne Shield & Cockburn Cup | 22nd February 2019

A strong fleet of FSC boats assembled on the line early last Saturday for the all-fleets-together start of the Warne Shield race to TCYC.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and although Race Control had picked the shorter course starting at S and although most boats managed to drift across the start line it soon became clear that it would be very unlikely that any would finish within the time limit.  Soon the radio waves were buzzing with retirements as the smaller and less speedy boats left – some for FSC, and some for picnics at Garden Island (Pipedream III and Polaris on the Pig Trough Bay moorings) or anchored at Carnac (Big A).  Eventually the race was abandoned to allow a much-reduced Fremantle fleet to reach TCYC before the start of the return race.

In Division One Witchy Woman, The Cro Connection and Aquila motored to TCYC and in Division Two only Inshore Captain Brian Cooper’s Valkyr made it to the start of the return race which was held in a light 8 knot Westerly wind.

Five boats competed in the return race for Division One – with TCYC boat Brio (K Thompson) taking first place on performance handicap ahead of FSC’s Witchy Woman (John Palmer and Jaye Martin) with TCYC’s Freedom (S Morris) third.   FSC’s Aquila was fastest.

Seven boats (six from TCYC and with Valkyr the sole FSC representative) raced in Division Two.  A Edwards Smoke-n-mirrors took first place (and fastest) on performance handicap from S Threfall’s Lady Irene with C Jones’s Anelaua third.

Only two FSC boats raced in JAM with Ian Joel’s Jubilant taking first on performance handicap with Ole Otness’s The Longboat fastest.

Presentations were made after the race by Inshore Captain Brian Cooper in the FSC Sailor’s Bar.  Congratulations to TCYC for taking the Cockburn Cup!  Thanks to the FSC Race Control crew on Success who had a long day on the water despite shortening both courses to start/finish at mark S.  Full results can be found at www.sportspage.com.au.  Inshore racing resumes after the long weekend with a non-consistency race on the 9th of March.  Additional photos from Chris Bender and Annie Otness can be found in OneDrive.

Race Report and Photos by Frances Hammond