Treasures of the Bilge 2019

This time of the year is just amazing, with cool clear mornings and brisk breezes in the afternoon.  Last weekend was no exception.  There are so many activities on offer at the club.  The much anticipated “Treasures of the Bilge” was held on the Dinghy lawn.

As part of the Marine Environment Committee’s  fund raising initiative to help with Jon Sanders preparation for his next Circumnavigation in June.  Jon wishes to Highlight the Problem of Plastics in our oceans.

I was at the event by seven, waiting eagerly for the set up.  A veteran of many Melville swap-meets, I imagined lines of blood thirsty sellers, stalking around in head torches fighting for suitable spots.  A quick phone call to Dale confirmed that I did indeed  have the right day.  I guess cruisers work on a more laid back time frame than your average swap-meet tragic.

By 8.15, sellers were set up and eagerly trading their wares.  Some great bargains were on offer.  You can see these guys horde gear for just such an occasion.  I spoke to Darren Heath, one of the satisfied traders who stated:  “I literally just got up this morning grabbed some old stuff from the shed.  I hadn’t even planned to participate but I’ve already made $300! “  Thanks Darren… and all of the Sellers and buyers who participated.  I’d also like to especially thank Dale for proposing and promoting the event and the MEC team for helping him on the day.  Judging by the smiling faces of the buyers and sellers I can see this will be a regular part of our Calendar.

Report and photos by Dean McKenna