Sunday Sailing, Ollie’s Birthday & Jon Sanders Voyage

Sunday Sailing – 14th July 2019


Well folks, you’re not gonna get much out of me this article, I’m away on holidays in Bali, so I’ll let the photographs do the talking.

There were 23 boats who participated in this event.  In what could only be described as idyllic conditions.  As Ollie said at the presentations…  “If you didn’t enjoy yourself today then just give up sailing.”  It just doesn’t get any better.


On Wednesday we all met at the club to celebrate a milestone.  Ollie Otness turned 75.

A large group of friends from all parts of the club met to share funny stories about Ollie and highlight his contributions to our experiences here.

Ollie has championed the cause when it comes to safety.  He can always be counted upon to “keep it real”  with his involvement in a wide array of club and social events.

Ollie has taken on many formal roles for more than a decade.  He has served as Rear Commodore Sail at least twice, maybe three times.  The truth of it is though, Ollie is not one for formal roles and titles.  He is the one you can be counted upon to get the job done.  Since coming to FSC, there has not been a time when he has not been actively involved in ensuring there are a wide range  of  vibrant  events  offered for all members.

Ollie never has an unkind word for anyone.  He is a friendly regular the club bar where he is always available to say hi and share a funny story.  He is also always out on the water on the legendary Longboat as safety officer or event participant.

To celebrate, Sue Parkinson created a cake masterpiece for the night, which Ollie quickly carved up and shared with us all.

Anita, our Vice Commodore, on welcoming Ollie to his surprise birthday celebration, made mention of how Ollie was the embodiment of the cooperative spirit in which the club should move forward after what has been a very turbulent year.  I am sure Ollie will have a giggle about his new-found super power.

Happy birthday Ollie from all of us at FSC.

Jon Sanders 11th Circumnavigation | No Plastic Oceans – Topic Nights

Could Jon Sanders be our World  ambassador for the Oceans? On Thursday night 256 people attended this topic night to find out.

A Journey starts with a single step  and few have really lived that Truth as 10 times Solo Circumnavigator Jon Sanders. Jon recently returned from what he said was his swan song. However, here we are again, contemplating that first step on his next epic journey to change attitudes and focus us on cleaning up our most valuable and fragile oceans.

Jon will turn 80 during this voyage and believes he has an important message for all of us. He intends to deliver his message by doing what he does best. Jon is off again, circling the world highlighting the global problem of plastics in our oceans, in his yacht Perrie Baneau II.

Jon’s planned voyage does not following major shipping routes. There is very little information about the state of pollution in these parts. On his journey, Jon will collect samples for detailed analysis back home at Curtin University.

Jon will be travelling through some of the world’s mysterious Jia where he can observe first hand how plastics concentrate in these natural phenomenon. Jon wanted to give something back to the Oceans of our world. Travelling them has defined his life.

Dr Stephen Davis, renowned negotiator and Chief Environmental consultant for several major corporations has a “can do” attitude to tackling some of the worlds most pressing problems. His commitment and credentials are impeccable.

Stephen states that no one is really sure what happens to the plastics when they break down, but we do know that plastic can be found at the bottom of the deepest oceans right up to the top of the food chain. We also still don’t know what toxins are released. We don’t know the effect of these toxins. The final effect could be far worse than the current plastic problem. There is just so much we don’t know. Jon can be the catalyst to bring this knowledge to the surface.

Jon, ambassador for the Oceans, can take this message with him on his eleventh trip around the world. This voyage and the interest it will generate, will only be a start.

This trip has been made possible by the kind donations of Communications and tracking equipment from Client Sat and Nebo.. Organisation and hosting by  Royal Perth and Fremantle Sailing Clubs,  Instruments by B &G Navico and Preparation for the Journey has been provided in part by Bay Marine and Boat Services Australia.  Data analysis by Curtin University.

As departure on Sunday 13th of October draws closer, undoubtedly there will be additional costs.  You can assist the journey and donate through the noplasticoceans.org web page.