Sunday Sailing | 24th February

What An Afternoon by Dean McKenna

On Sunday afternoon, nine boats took part in a great afternoon sail. The fleet stayed close together, allowing for some great action shots.
At the presentation, Robbie stated that it was touch and go. The winds were a little stronger than pre-dicted, and there was seriously considered to cancel the event. Well yes, the wind was definitely on the fresh side, which would  have made Chardonnay sipping a little complicated for even the most seasoned of the blue water sailors. But; it did provide some exciting and consistent sailing.
The short chop also allowed quite a bit of “air” which unfortunately the photos don’t give justice. You can be assured though, that it was smiles all around for the sailors who took part.

I invited Paul Toussaint-Jackson, the owner of Australian Floating Decks and a Past Harbour Master for Dampier Port on my boat. He felt quite at home in the lively conditions. He commented that it was reminiscent of his time spent sailing in Darwin throughout the dry. Seems like yet another great reason to get up there soon… Doesn’t it.

Don’t forget the Three Ports Cruise next weekend. If the conditions this week were anything to go by… You are in for a tremendous long weekend.