Sunday Sailing

Sunday’s cruise was the perfect bookend for a great weekend at the club.  After a successful progressive dinner on Saturday night, gentle breezes and smooth seas were definitely the call.

Twenty boats participated in the event which started near Beagle rocks at 1pm.  As the press boat, we found ourselves inadvertently in the middle of the starting fleet. From our vantage point it did feel rather like a jostle for pole position at the Sydney to Hobart. We did take some rather impressive action shots, however some of the hand signals directing us where to go, were not appropriate for young readers. Needless to say, we were able to extricate ourselves without becoming a hood ornament for another vessel.

All boats then followed Ollie and Annie to the first mark. As the day progressed the breezes and the swell dropped even further providing for a lovely relaxing afternoon. Zoe, my daughter and skipper for the afternoon was heard on several occasions uttering that eternal phrase…  “Are we there yet?”.  As a sailor who is happy in 35-40 knot winds and horizontal biting rain, she was a little underwhelmed by the experience.  However she did begrudgingly agree to surrender all electronic devices and spend a lovely day with her father.  (I guess that was my highlight!)

I look forward to seeing you at the next Sunday sailing event.

Highlights by Dean McKenna