Stuart Walton’s Retirement Celebration

Stuart Walton, RPYC GM is retiring after 22 years of dedication not only to RPYC but to the Boating community at large. Stuart’s retirement celebration will take place on Thursday 16 February from 6:15pm at RPYC.

Stuart is well known at many clubs and team at RPYC thought it was only fitting that a Twilight was the perfect opportunity for everyone to say their farewell and wish Stuart all the best for his upcoming adventures.  The Twilight will allow for an on water and onshore celebration. Boats from FSC and other Clubs are more than welcome to join the Twilight Fleet at RPYC. For those who don’t have a boat, RPYC would love for them to join in on the onshore festivities.

Please see below the officially invitation to Stuart’s Farewell Celebration