Results from the Angling Sections November Fishing Competition

Giant flathead proved a basket case!

An over-sized flathead with a head the size of a dinner plate and a first-time competition angler vied for the most recognition at the November 7 Angling Sections monthly event.

Nichola Bouverie was fishing her first competition with husband Edward and son Josh on a whim after being members of the club for 20 years and never knowing about the Angling Section’s monthly comps.

And, she jumped straight on to the podium after weighing in the heaviest king george – the fish of the day – which stopped the scales at .77kg, just edging out Pat Keenan-Smith.

Ray Wilson landed his massive flattie, a FSC record, in a small sand patch just east of Phillip Rock. At first glance of the fish, seasoned angler Ray Polinelli commented that it could be big enough to claim a State record.

But, it then became a basket case because initially the scales told a different story when the fish came in at 1.96kg. Later, though, co-weighmaster Sue Keenan-Smith suggested that the big scales might have been set to allow for the weight of the red fish basket, a 0.6kg allowance.

So, five minutes after all winners were declared, Shed 7 was opened again to weigh the flathead with the scales set on zero, without the basket weight factored in. When the digital reading settled on 2.56kg, the error was realised.

With six boats taking part during the demersal ban, attention was on the smaller fry, with around 25 king george boated, with the Bouveries landing 13 on anchor north of the Windmills.

The red boat of Pat, Sue and Ray thought they were in with a chance of landing the heaviest king george, with half a dozen fish taken from one patch east of Phillip Rock.

Denise Bech, Craig Thomas and others also landed some king george, but Nichola stole the show when she presented her 0.77kg specimen.

Craig increased his overall competition lead with a seven-species haul – herring, sand whiting, squid, skipjack, tarwhine, king george and a goatfish – for 82.54 points and a clear winner on the day. Ray Polinelli took out the Lucky Boat prize.

The day wasn’t without drama for Craig, though, as his custom-made, stainless steel anchor which probably costs the GDP of a small country, and on its maiden voyage on Saturday, is wedged on a reef off Rottnest. But he’s determined that there will be a reunion after noting the coordinates.

The next competition is scheduled for December 5.


Article written by Ray Wilson