Power Section | Garden Island Family Fun Day

Garden Island Family Fun Day was well attended with members, families, and friends, making the trip over under perfect boating conditions and the ocean was like a millpond.

The Power Section hosted a BBQ lunch serving an assortment of sausages, chicken & beef skewers plus an abundance of healthy salads.

After lunch it was time to see who the lucky winner of the Trisec Security Alarm System is. We asked the two young girls to draw a ticket out of the bucket and the lucky winner was Russell Dolton who attended the Rotto Olympics Event. It was great to see that Russell was also in attendance at our Garden Island Family Fun Day to claim his prize.

With lunch over, we packed up everything from the BBQ area and headed to the beach for some beach games and swimming. The water was very refreshing however there were a few blowies in the water trying to nibble your toes if you stop still for too long

A few boats were staying overnight and the rest of us headed back to the Club. The trip back was very smooth with a gentle breeze behind us.

Great day enjoyed by all, and we look forward to members joining us at our next Power Section Events.