October Angling Competition


There was no shortage of outstanding fish trying to claim the greatest cameo role at the Angling’s Section October competition.

Sangeeta Menon’s eight-bar cod caught in 100m of water at the back of Rottnest was certainly in the mix, as was Jennine Sampson’s 1.4kg flathead.

Not to be outdone, Chris Walkey presented a lovely 1.12kg kg (that’s not a stutter), a good pointer to the King George Classic scheduled for November 11. Angling Captain John Bech’s 1.35kg tailor was also well received by all and sundry, while Phil Volich presented a 1.62kg breaksea cod,

But while the applause was strong for the supporting acts, it was the pink snapper that commanded a standing ovation.

Several of the nine boats who fished the comp bagged put on Pinkies on October 8, the day anglers had to pull up stumps, or lines in this case, at midnight to abide by the resumption of the demersal ban.

No other comp in recent memory has enjoyed the number of snapper caught, many in 18m to 30m off ground 3-4km east of Rottnest.

Others, namely Craig Thomas, whose passion and pursuit of big fish knows no boundaries, fossicked in 100m of water, around 20km west of Rotto with his partner Sangeeta.

Non-member Tim van Bockxmeer, John’s fishing mate for the day, netted the biggest pinkie, a bruising specimen that went 8.7kg while the biggest by a member was landed by our rear-commodore Nev Norkett. It went 8.42kg.

Chris and Sangeeta both were rewarded with pinkies, and Sangeeta topped her day with her very first king george whiting.

John nailed seven species to claim the field day with 105 points and also netted the heaviest squid, the target fish, but as anglers can’t claim two prizes, the next best squid catch went to Phil who has $100 jumping into his HSS.