Weather warning Sunday 22 May to Tuesday 24 May

Notice to members – Weather warning Sunday to Tuesday 

A cold front and associated low-pressure system are forecast to generate strong frontal winds for the period from Sunday afternoon through until Tuesday morning. There is the potential for damaging winds (in excess of 40 knots), heavy rain and abnormally high tides.


We ask all members to check their boats for preparedness.

Reduce Windage:

Check and ensure all (including furled jibs), mainsails, sail covers, biminis, dodgers and other canvas are secure. For small storms, you can wrap sails with line to help secure them. If you are going away for an extended period throughout the winter period remove jib from furling system.

Check life rafts/tenders and other objects that can catch wind. Flags should be lowered and stowed. Halyards should be pulled away from the mast and snugged securely.

Dock Lines:

Check for chafe and wear on dock lines and replace or double lines if necessary.

Please ensure that your lines can be adjusted from the dock. The bitter end needs to be on the dock, not on your boat. Some of these weather events have significant surge with water going over the docks. We will not go aboard boats to adjust lines.

Boat Systems:

Check batteries for charge and charge if needed. Electricity to docks may be lost or turned off if the storm surge is over the docks. Best not to leave food stored in the boat’s ice box.

Bilge pumps should be on automatic. Close the fuel and all overboard sea cocks.


Ports, windows and hatches should be securely closed in watertight conditions. Remove all loose gear from decks.


Please advise the Harbour Office if you are unable to check your boat. Please also report any unsecured objects or other hazards you may see to the Harbour Office.