New monthly fishing competitions!

Starting from November 2021, the Fremantle Sailing Club Game Fishing Section will be holding a Monthly Fishing Comp!

The fish can be caught any day of the week and must be kept in ice and in an edible condition when weight. When caught the ‘weigh master’ must be notified so that arrangements can be made to weight the fish at the Club. Fish may be weighed the next day if kept on ice. Records must be kept by fishing in the Club Capture Book which is kept in the Club Bar.

All captures must be accompanied by the gear the fish is caught on and a photo.

All captures must be in accordance with GFAA governing Rules and Regulations.

All photos of captured fish and anglers will be photo published in Fremantle Sailing Club’s various media mediums.

Winners will be announced at the next monthly section meeting and published on the FSC Game Fishing Section website.

Please note, to participate in the Monthly Fishing Competitions you must be a Fremantle Sailing Club Member. To submit your photos, please email marketing@fsc.com.au For more information, please contact Game Fishing Captain, John Cramer at gamefishing.captain@fsc.com.au

Happy fishing!