Mike Harvey 2020 – Race & Cruise from Fremantle to Hillary’s

On Saturday afternoon, 22 boats set off for the Mike Harvey Memorial Race/Jam to Hillarys. As a cruiser, I thought it would be an ideal time to spend some quality time with my daughter.
We could skip up that part of the coast and take in the sights. Admiring all of the new coastal houses and the development that is happening at Scarborough. With all social media tools stored safely at home and only the most boring of study items packed, we set off. I can’t say that we saw much of the coast. It was blanketed in thick cloud for the entire trip. Zoe pointed out that it looked like an alien invasion with the Freo Cranes lurching ominously out of the thick fog. The breeze and swell, however, were playing along. Even in laid back cruiser mode, Zoe and I found ourselves in the thick of the racing fleet.We arrived at Hillarys boat harbour and slipped into a pre-arranged pen. Thanks Ollie for organising all of those spots. I don’t quite know how you managed to find so many spaces, but every boat seemed to be well catered for. We were then invited by the Commodore at HYC for a photograph to commemorate the event.
After scrubbing off the Zinc and making ourselves presentable, we made for the clubrooms for presentations.

Arriving to this a little late, I sprinted through the pack of HYC officials, nearly taking out the rear commodore in my eagerness to accept an award. I can’t rightly say what I won my prestigious award for, but I am truly thankful to our sponsors for the wine. I also apologised to our hosts for my over zealous indiscretion, thus avoiding an international incident.

When we had completed the formalities, we were then invited upstairs for a buffet dinner. Thanks again to the all those responsible in the logistics involved in feeding and entertaining such a large group of people. Before our departure, we took the opportunity to re-visit the Boardwalk. I hadn’t been to Hillarys for some time. It was thriving, filled with shops, cafes, restaurants and an awesome ice-cream shop. The Hillarys Boat Harbour really is very close and an ideal weekend cruising destination.

The fleet left HYC at about 10 am. I decided to explore my way back up the coast, slipping into all of the costal spots I used to ride to on my bike when I was a kid. I did get my sightseeing opportunity, with crystal clear sky and balmy breezes, which although were right on the nose, made for some awesome sailing all the way home.
Thank you again to our hosts at Hillarys Yacht Club and the event organisers at Fremantle. We all had a great weekend.

Event Report by Dean McKenna (FSC Cruising Section), photos by Karen Baldwin (FSC’s CEO)