Kids Fishing Clinic – Jan 19

Kids fall for fishing . . .  hook, line and sinker


The summer school holidays became a whole lot more exciting for a bunch of school children fishing the January 19 Kid’s Clinic off Fremantle.

After a successful Clinic on January 5, Joe Venter and his team from the Angling Section of the Fremantle Sailing Club were treated to a belter of a day on the water for the 14 kids aboard.

With ages ranging from seven to 15, the kids had a ball, landing herring, sand whiting, and four king george, mainly from a big sand patch nor-west of Mewstone.

With support from Recfishwest, the Clinic’s biggest backer over the years with grants for fishing gear, life jackets, and now funds to help run and maintain the outings, the kids aboard were associated with members of the Club, but also children of non-members.

Both January Clinics attracted as many children of non-members as members, but the common denominator was a fun day enjoyed by all.

Each child received a sealed freezer bag of four or five fish for the dads to clean, and finished the day with icy poles at the club following a Subway lunch on board, along with water melon and snacks provided by the Section.

John Holbrook was skipper for the day while Joe also was grateful that Stephen Walton from Dive also kindly accepted a late invitation to be the back-up skipper. Jim Barlow, Ray Watson and Bert Zuideveld also acted as volunteers for the day.

As an extra treat, Dianne McLean provided 20 copies of a book she co-authored with Michael Taylor called Perth Fish, an informative guide with magnificent coloured photos of fish found off our shores.