Information Update – Member Gates & Hardstand Gate Issue

Due to ongoing intermittent faults, the Club is needing to plan a rebuild of the gate system called Evolution. This will involve a rebuild of the access control system (fob & air keys), operating mechanics (gate motors) and possibly the gates themselves.

As of the 25th of August, the gates are only operating in a limited capacity however, are now able to be closed. The Club is fully aware of the importance of security for vessels and property on site, and will consider additional night security patrols if the gates become inoperable for an extended period of time.

In the meantime, to use the Hardstand entry gate if you have an air key, you must be within 5 metres of the gate for both exit and entry for it to work. The fob reader should still be working.

The entry gate’s safety loop has become inoperable due to water damage, and has a 20 second delay when opened. It is important that EVERY MEMBER USE THEIR KEY TO OPEN THE GATE TO ENSURE IT REMAINS OPEN FOR THE REQUIRED PERIOD OF TIME – IF YOU TAIL-GATE AND DO NOT USE YOUR FOB KEY, YOU ARE AT RISK OF THE GATE CLOSING ON YOUR VEHICLE.

The Club will not take responsibility for damage to vehicles if drivers do not comply with this rule. 

We appreciate your patience and will notify you of further changes and when we are likely to have this critical equipment repaired and/or replaced.


Andrew Raven, Marina & Maintenance Manager