GFAA Journal and February Newsletter

2022 Journal

The 2022 GFAA Journal is in the mail and should start appearing in members’ letterboxes in the next week.

This year’s Journal includes a completely refreshed “What Marlin is That” section with descriptions and graphs updated by Dr Julian Pepperell.  Graphs are also included for yellowfin and southern bluefin tunas as well as tiger and mako sharks.

All the rules and records and GFAA awards are included with a highlight being an interesting historical piece by Life Member John McIntyre.

The journal can be downloaded in Flipbook or pdf format from https://gfaa.asn.au/gfaa-journals/

February 2022 Newsletter

The next newsletter is to be published in February.

Content is requested from states, clubs and/or individuals with items of interest and good quality images. Now that club presentation nights and early season competitions have occurred, there should be plenty of content to interest readers from all states. Notification of upcoming events are welcomed.

Newsletters can be downloaded from https://gfaa.asn.au/newsletters/

Please send in anything you’d like published to secretary@gfaa.asn.au

The deadline for content is 18th February.