FSC Harbour Cleanup

FSC Dive Section would like to thank all of the members who volunteered for this years FSC Harbour Cleanup on the 19 May, including many new FSC members that volunteered for the first time!

With the ever-reliable support from the Bosuns Section and the team at FSC, Dive Section coordinated the cleanup of the harbour floor this year beneath the H, D, C & B jetties. All enjoyed a BBQ and drink afterwards on the Deck.

This years format was a little different to previous years. We brought the cleanup forward from September to May to take advantage of the warmer water – that didn’t really seem to work as well as we would have hoped – it was still pretty cold! We also had fewer teams each with larger numbers of divers, so we gave each jetty a thorough clean!

In total, 50 volunteers were involved, and together we pulled all sorts of interesting material from the harbour floor. Mobile phones were again a hit this year, and even a couple of Marlin Poles!

The winner of the Oscar for the most exotic piece of rubbish was Pelle Thambert for recovering a Trolley (encrusted with about 10 kgs of tube-worm and barnacles) from the end of the C jetty.

A timely reminder at this stage that if anyone does drop a trolley over the edge, please contact the HMO – they will get in contact with the Dive Section, who are happy to come and salvage the trolley before it becomes a big and grimy cleanup job for AJ and the rest of the Bosuns!

Event Report by Ciaran Lavin | Captain – FSC Dive Section