Fremantle Sailing Club Inshore Winter Series Race 3 29th June 2019

Thirty-one boats headed out to start in the third FSC Inshore Winter Series Saturday the 29th June.  The winds were stronger than expected with gusts to 25 knots (27 apparent) and the seas were big and confused.  Some boats elected to return before the start, a number retired during the race leaving nineteen boats to complete the course.  The winds moderated a little during the race and some of those who had started with one or two reefs shook them out as the race progressed, though few essayed spinnakers.  The uncharted shallow patch (to the west of Fish Rocks) on Success Bank was breaking (as it often does in winter) and it was reported that Huckleberry was swept a considerable distance sideways as they sailed through it.  The early start meant that all boats had finished by four pm and were safely back at the club before the wind increased again.

Enterprise was the sole contender in Division Zero and decided to retire and join JAM fleet for a fun sail, however they misread the course and ended up sailing with the Division One fleet instead.  They did not cross the finish line and reported having an enjoyable day on the water.

Eight boats raced in Divison One with all completing the course.  Roger Passmore’s Aquila, with a new mainsail (and the sailmaker on board) dominated, taking first and fastest in both IRC and TCF handicaps (Roger says it “won’t happen again”!).  Bill Henson’s Circa took second on both handicaps whilst Alan Anderson’s Zubenubi took third on TCF and Graeme Martin’s Sand Crab’s Disco was third on IRC.  Panacea had fun with missed marks, subsequent 360s and some minor damage to their crew but still crossed the finish line ahead of Cannonball.

Fourteen boats raced in Division Two and a close start saw Jason Poutsma’s Hustler and George Carter’s Eufarria over before the siren.  Hustler recorded OCS and Eufarria retired later in the race.  J Kerr’s The Black Smoke and Bob Von Felten’s Ristretto also retired.  David Atkinson’s Igawa took first on both handicaps, Ron Macathur’s MX (one of the few boats to brave a spinnaker) took second on TCF with Richard Webster’s Freddy Fudpucker third.  The sports boats took the minor placings on IRC with Trevor Taylor’s No Etiquette second and Bruce Wilkinson’s Turkish Delight third and fastest.

Eight boats also headed out to race in JAM Division (Div. 6), although A Toey’s Break N Out and James Halvorsen’s Giddy Up pulled out before the start and R Hoads Serendipity and Ian Joel’s Jubilant retired during the race.  Ole Otness’s The Longboat took first and fastest from A Wilson’s Touchngo with John Palmer’s Witchy Woman in third place.  Witchy Woman was the sole IRC boat in JAM.

Presentations were made after the race in the Sailor’s Bar by the new Rear Commodore Sail, Bill Henson.  Thanks as always to the start crew who survived a rough day out on the water.  Full results are available at www.sportspage.com.au.  Additional photos from Chris Bender are available on OneDrive.

The next inshore race is on Saturday 13th July and will be preceded by the Inshore AGM at 10:30am.

Race Report by Frances Hammond