December 3 Angling Comp

Ray Wilson was cock-a-hoop at catching a platter-sized flounder at the monthly competition on December 3, but he wasn’t so happy with his next catch that came a day later.

The flounder was a ripper. It was the biggest one Ray has caught and those at the weigh-in couldn’t recall a bigger fish in recent times.

It was taken from a sand patch nor-east of Mewstone, on a day Ray and Chris Walkey struggled to add some lustre to the day when the wind piped in at 17-18 knots by 12.30. The forecast prompted FDO Joe Venter to call a 1pm weigh-in.

The flounder had an appetite to match his size, swallowing half a mulie (including the head) before flopping to the surface.

Big herring and sand whiting were busy while Chris caught a reasonable flathead and Ray snaffled a few modest skippy and a small King George that would have gone back had it not taken the hook all the way down.

Roy Martin landed some lovely sand whiting while Kev Kroeger and Joe Venter caught a couple of King George to keep their interest up.

Joe’s 0.224kg sand whiting won the target fish of the month prize while Ray won the comp with 89.68 points from John Bech on 72.48

However, the gloss was taken off Ray’s victory the next day when he woke up feeling crook, and a RAT’s test showed why.

The next comp is scheduled for January 7.