Welcome from the Section Captain

The Bosun Section offers an opportunity for all Club members, particularly those who are not boat owners or crew.

It allows you to “get with the action” and enjoy “hands-on” nautical pursuits in the company of long-serving experienced sailors committed to sharing their enthusiasm for the Fremantle Sailing Club, with any shipmate who cares to come aboard. Our key functions are to support and coordinate those Club Members who voluntarily assist in a wide range of caring activities. During the week  from 8.30am, the Bosuns Shed is mostly open depending on the Members who are available when we do our maintenance jobs around the Club.


Monthly Meetings

Our Section meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month at 8.30am after breakfast which is held in the Bosun Shed. Please email Chief Bosun for more information.

What the Bosuns Section do

The Bosuns Section look after the management and maintenance of Club boats. Currently, the Club’s fleet consists of two moored boats ‘Success’ and ‘Max Shean’, three Gemini Ribs, four SB20’s, six Puffin Pacers, two inflatable dinghies and two aluminium dinghies. 

On top of the regular maintenance, the Bosuns Section also are the provision of a competent team of boat skippers and crew which provide acquisition, construction, installation and maintenance of:

  • Permanent Spar Racing Buoys
  • Inflatable Racing Buoys
  • Ground Tackle and Mooring gear etc.
  • The provision and maintenance of training boats and equipment required by the Dinghy/Junior Section.

The Bosuns Section provides a range of activities for Club Members to develop boating knowledge and marine skills including:

  • Boat Handling
  • Seamanship 
  • Basic Navigation
  • Marine Chart Interpretation
  • Splicing and Rigging
  • Marine Engine Management