Fremantle Sailing Club Moorings

Book a mooring with Fremantle Sailing Club. The Club offers its Senior Members the opportunity to book a mooring at a number of locations off the Western Australian Coast. These moorings are located at Garden Island and Woodman Point. 

Senior Members can book the moorings for a maximum of TWO consecutive nights through the enquiry form. Please ensure you know your preferred mooring location and have read the information booklet to check the depth at the mooring site. You will be given the option of two mooring location preferences should one not be available. 

Please contact Reception (Monday to Friday during business hours 08:30 am -04:45 pm) on 9435 8800 or email reception@fsc.com.au if you have any further queries.

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All bookings are from 10am – vessels are expected to vacate the mooring by 10am when leaving
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You must be a Senior Member of Fremantle Sailing Club to book a mooring. Please visit ‘Become a Member’ for more information about Membership at the Club.