Board of Management

Fremantle Sailing Club’s Board of Management is comprised of 15 members led by Commodore Kyle Timms. The Board’s responsibilities include outlining the Club’s vision, mission, strategic goals, to approving significant policies and overseeing the Club’s performance.


Kyle Timms

Vice Commodore

Anthony Kirke

Rear Commodore
of Sail

Stephen Parkinson

Rear Commodore
of Power

Charlotte Osborne

Rear Commodore of Fishing & Dive

Neville Norkett


Michael Webb

Board Member

Bill Henson

Board Member

Ian Sampson

Board Member

David Kenny

Board Member

John Rayner

Board Member

Anita Wyntje

Board Member

Rod Mulcahy

Board Member

Steve Delfos

Board Member

Marie Connolly


Craig Evans