Board Newsletter – Issue 22, February 2021

From the Helm

Dear Members – hard to believe we are already two months into the new year, and we are all hoping for a more positive and productive year than what we experienced with the interruptions caused by COVID at this particular time last year. Our 100th year celebrations have come to a close but the spirit of our club remains stronger than ever with membership growth above what has been achieved in recent years. Thank you all for your continued support of our Club, our activities and the passion for sailing & boating generally that we all share!

Ron Greer, Commodore

Club Major Projects

SERVICE JETTY – we are getting very close now to the awarding of contract to commence long-awaited works. Final submissions close on 11th March and plan is for demolition to start by end of March and completion by 30 June 2021.

FIRE & EMERGENCY SERVICES – final design has been completed and sent to DFES for review and compliance, after which will be presented to Board for formal approval, hopefully by end of March 2021. This will be a 3-4 year staged project.

SITE CONTAMINATION – from latest analysis results, it appears we have reached an acceptable level of classification, enabling re-use, whilst still registering small levels of contamination. DoT will be presented with these results for assessment and acknowledgement.

DINGHY CLUBHOUSE – approval has been given to proceed with Dorian Constructions preparing structural, architectural and elevation drawings (approx $25k), to enable detailed costings for essential repairs and maintaining access to the building. Discussions will be held with Dinghy Section reps however this is not a re-design, but roof and foundation repairs.

SITE DRAINAGE ISSUES – Council have not yet responded with any update to their intentions for interim work or budget approvals to deal with our site’s flooding issues.

JETTY REPLACEMENT REVIEW – we expect to have a draft report by end of March from WGA outlining the pros and cons of replacement vs repairs for life extension. In the meantime, urgent remedial work is being done on a number of headstocks and piles around the marina to maintain safety and accessibility.

BOAT LIFTER JETTY – recent inspection revealed significant corrosion which if not treated will result in another expensive replacement. It was approved to proceed with these repairs, cost not to exceed $49,300.

Club Open Day
Normally this event is held in March, but this year has been deferred to September to better coincide with the start of a new season, and the warmer boating months. One objective of the annual Open Day is a membership drive but as you can see below, we are doing very well even though no Open Day was held last year because of COVID.

DoT Lease Update
The Board received an update on the Lease Dispute.

We have not received a reply from DoT to our letter sent in January.

We have been planning on the basis that the matter will have to go to arbitration, as DoT have declined to provide the information that is necessary for a meaningful negotiation.

The Board noted that the total cost to the club of the rent increase for the term of the leases is $44m, assuming there are no further increases in the future.

The Board resolved that if it is necessary, FSC will proceed with arbitration to resolve this matter.

Constitution Review
The review and amendment of this document is progressing with those members who have volunteered to be part of the working group currently providing feedback on the first full re-draft. Amendments will include keeping the Constitution aligned with current relevant legislation and to ensure the Club can respond to the opportunities in this changing world whilst preserving many of the existing provisions. VC Anita anticipates the proposed Constitution and rules will be provided to members for comment in April.

Section News

Angling, Game Fishing & Dive

Game Fishing: Blue Marlin Classic 2021 is happening first weekend in March and on track for another successful event with 2 new major sponsors – Richter Lures & On-Strike Charters!

Angling: King George Whiting comp rescheduled for early March expecting good attendance and hopefully lots of fish! A great effort by this division providing a fishing day out for wheel-chair bound guests during the month was very much appreciated.

Dive: February Dive day was enjoyed with very nice weather and sea conditions. The Anode replacement program continues with 17 members now involved in helping – sounds easy but can be a very difficult job! Thank goodness our Dive members love to help!

Registrations for Fremantle to Exmouth Race & Rally actually reached 41, but a few had to cancel, so final number is now 39 boats will be racing and cruising up the coast in May. Thanks again must to go the Committee and Sponsors to make this great event a huge success when we finally get to Exmouth! Paul Eldrid from One Sails gave a very informative and helpful presentation on how to prepare your sails and vessel for this 700nm adventure!

Power, Bosuns, Pipes & Drums

Power: lots of excitement building for the Annual Picnic Day at Garden Island and ALL members are invited! Make sure you register before it is too late – a BBQ lunch is included.

Bosuns: after a nice break during January, the Bosuns are all back and working hard doing lots of repairs, maintenance and cleaning. Looks like a Bosun’s work is never done!

Pipes & Drums: Also back into their weekly practice program getting ready for a Mini-Band Comp in March and the 9th Annual Fremantle Highland Championships on 2nd May. Having our very own Pipes & Drums Band really makes FSC very unique!

Duty Officers
During February, one of our longest serving Duty Officers, Garth Silcock, stood down from his duties but will remain a member of FSC visiting us as much as possible as well as supporting the Inshore Race Management team.

We thank Garth for his outstanding efforts and support to the Club and particularly his fellow Duty Officers!

From the Desk - of the CEO

February saw another busy month at the Club and some return to normality. I am pleased to also say that I managed to squeeze in my first trip back to Sydney in over 12 months with one of the main reasons being to see my beautiful new granddaughter, Scarlett, born on 19th January – a special moment shared with four generations: my Mum, my daughter Lauren and little Scarlett. Back at work, it was down to the final stages of our planning our budget goals and objectives for the year ahead, as the Club approaches the end of another financial year on 31st March. Each department has been actively involved this year in preparing their own plans and we are looking forward to a successful year ahead.

Karen Baldwin, CEO


Total income for January finished $682,017 compared to $608,213 in January 2020. It was again a very busy month, with continued improvement in private function revenue, achieving a $20k increase over last year’s F&B income. Total Net loss (after dep & deductions) for the month was ($121k) compared to ($137k), noting that R&M was over budget by $20k due to additional jetty maintenance carried out. YTD the operating profit is $893k before add backs. After depreciation and DoT rent, the position is $605k. Forecast profit after dep for the full year is expected around $487k.

As mentioned above, Budgets for next financial year will be finalised and presented to the Finance Committee and Board of Management March meetings.

Organisation & Club Culture

Recruitment is underway for new Administration Assistant and expect to announce successful candidate by mid-March. We are also recruiting a Marketing Assistant to improve response times for requests – previously we had two people in the role, but definitely need more than one. Club staff were united for a belated Xmas party mid-Feb and it was great to see so many could join in!


E-Purse & House Support – what is the difference? It seems that a number of members are still not quite clear that these two are completely independent of one another. We are preparing a new document which will hopefully clarify for everyone’s better understanding. In the meantime, remember you can top up e-purse as often as you want or need to. Once House Support is charged via invoice in January and again in July – once it is used up, you cannot add to it.

The Club has applied for a variation of our Licensed area to include the VIP Lawn area to make it “legal” for alcohol service and consumption for functions and Club events without having to request special permits.

Legal / Insurance Matters

Club Marine Claim: continuing with more detailed investigation.

Membership Activities & Events

As at the 31st January, our membership numbers have reach 3,128 and the new Local category has now attracted 67 members.

The House Committee is enthusiastically generating great ideas for club social activities, including Friday night entertainment in the Club Bar, re-introducing a monthly Seafood & Carvery Lunch upstairs in the Wardroom, Sunday Jazz afternoons etc – so make sure you keep an eye out for times and dates on the Club Noticeboard!

Marina & Maintenance Matters

The Club owned Marina pens are still running close to 100% occupancy, with the hardstand 100% full and a wait-list of nearly 30 members trying to get a spot.

The Club has also recently bought back two (2) x 12m pens increasing the total number we hold to 149.

Maintenance work on the Jetties and particularly headstocks is on-going and we apologise for any inconvenience some of the scaffolding is having on certain berths but it is the only way they can get underneath to make the repairs.

Work in the Boatyard has slowed down a little – lots of people are busy out on the water making the most of this fabulous weather we are enjoying!

Protocol & Code of Conduct

Members and their guests are reminded of always behaving in a courteous and respectful manner towards other members and staff. Protocol procedures are in place to respond to any reports or complaints regarding inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour.

Welcome New Members from January intake!



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