Autumn Progressive Dinner | Highlights

This time of the year definitely provides a chill in the air.  We have very moderate breezes… And the most amazing sunsets.  Our Saturday night event was no exception. Cruisers descended on the Clubhouse for Saturday’s event as the sun set over the marina, providing  breathtaking reflections of stunning clouds-capes to the west, as a full moon climbed from the east.  Nights like these, do highlight just how lucky we are to live where we do.

Clive and Steve, our organizers were in the bar, ready to welcome participants.  Thank you to both of you for your organisation.  It is a monumental job to put an event like this together.  Organizing cruisers, is rather like herding cats.  But… The guys proved to be up to the task.   Most members, now quite familiar with the proceedings quickly headed to their host boats.

The evening  progressed smoothly with all participants enjoying the hospitality of other boat owners and making  it safely back to the clubhouse.  As Clive pointed out during the introduction, this is our premier social event.  It is a great opportunity to meet other cruisers and share tall stories.

As new members to the club, we have found that this is a great opportunity to put names to faces.  We have made some great friends as a result of this club function.   I encourage all club members to consider getting involved in the next Progressive Dinner.

Event Report by Dean McKenna | Photos by Phil Hearse‎