April Kids Fishing Clinic

April Kids Clinic:

Less numbers on board meant even more fun for the school children who took part in the April Kids Fishing Clinic on April 18.

The April Clinic was originally scheduled for April 13 but poor conditions forced organisers to postpone the outing until the 18th.

Unfortunately, not all the kids booked on the first Clinic could fish the re-arranged time, with parents receiving a refund.

While it was heart-breaking for the kids who missed out, the young would-be anglers on April 18 had  a ball on the day when a gentle so    u-easter fanned the enthusiasm of those on board who enjoyed the company of the volunteers – organiser Joe Venter, Martin Smith, John Holbrooks and Jim Barlow.

Martin’s berley bombs worked a treat for herring as the little scrappers surrounded Success on well-known ground between Stragglers and Mewstone.

Small flathead, the usual butter fish, blowies and undersized skippy, along with a few leather jacket and a squid spiced up the outing.

With enough herring on board, Joe decided on a stop near the shipping channel on the way back to the Club. Several sandies played the game and added to haul.

In the end each child took home at least six fish, and plenty of tales to tell at tea-time.

The next Clinic is scheduled for the first week of the September-October school holidays.