You could cut the tension with a filleting knife at the Angling Section’s October 13 competition, as four anglers were in contention to take the first event of the new season.

It was a smart call to push the competition to Sunday, because despite an early morning chill, the winds were kind and the sun occasionally found a place between the clouds.

It allowed the five boats to take divergent paths, some headed towards Rottnest while others preferred to stay within the line between Carnac and the Stragglers.

It was by no means a day of plenty, but it was a day of plenty excitement at the weigh-in.

Sand whiting were the most prolific species caught, along with herring and a good bundle of king george whiting (12 in total).

Goran Secur landed a couple of horseshoe leatherjacket, a brilliantly coloured fish, along with a lovely 0.7kg king george.

His catch took him into the early fifties on the scoreboard, along with Pat Keenan-Smith who caught four king George (the biggest at over 0.5kg), sandies, herring and a 0.7kg skippy.

Pat had 53.301 points, and looked the winner when Ray Wilson present his overall catch of 4kgs; a tarwhine, sandies and some herring.

It was enough to pip Paddy by the barest of margins, and also Goran and Chris who fell just short.

But there is a fishing god, because Goran won the Mystery Fish award with his king george, and Paddy won the new award, the Catch of the Day. The three winners each receive $120 towards their House Support Scheme.

The next fishing competition is scheduled for Saturday, 9 November.

– Ray Wilson
Angling Section Communications Officer